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Released: Feb 23, 2013

  1. Martin Double Choir Mass Kyrie
  2. Machaut Messe De Nostre Dame Gloria
  3. Mäntyjärvi Come Away Death
  4. Mäntyjärvi Lullaby
  5. Dark Mäntyjärvi Double Double Toil and Trouble
  6. Dark Mäntyjärvi Full Fathom Five
  7. Schütz Selig Sind Die Toten
  8. Schnittke Three Sacred Hymns
  9. Purcell Hear My Prayer O Lord
  10. Rautavaara Suite De Lorca Malagueña
  11. Delius to Be Sung of a Summer Night On the Water
  12. Troester Mondnacht I
  13. Troester Mondnacht II
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