Let us remember Spring will come again 
To the scorched, blackened woods, where all the wounded trees 
Wait, with their old wise patience for the heavenly rain, 
Sure of the sky: sure of the sea to send its healing breeze, 
Sure of the sun. And even as to these 
Surely the Spring, when God shall please 
Will come again like a divine surprise 
To those who sit to-day with their great Dead, hands in their hands, eyes in their eyes, 
At one with Love, at one with Grief: blind to the scattered things and changing skies. 

- Charlotte Mew "May, 1915" 

Throughout GHOSTLIGHT's history—but especially in recent years—I have attempted to capture the feeling of our time through our concerts: to reflect on our current moment through music, like a journal entry through sound. The sentences are the repertoire selections that, put together in a certain order, seek to describe and paint the complexity of our present human experience. 

The Charlotte Mew poem in its choral setting by David Bednall was the kernel that inspired this musical chapter of loss, memory, and resilience. The resulting program—to be performed live at the Church of Notre Dame's beautiful grotto—includes excerpts from Howells' Requiem, a rarely performed "Ubi Caritas," and deeply moving works by celebrated composers of our time. 

Join us on Saturday, October 23rd, at 7pm for Let us remember Spring will come again
Church of Notre Dame (405 W. 114 St., New York, NY) 
Vaccination and masks are required to attend the concert. 

Tickets can be purchased for $25 here.  

In an effort to minimize physical contact and streamline entry, we highly encourage purchasing digital tickets in advance. The ticket link includes a digital Covid waiver. (However, tickets will also be available at the door for $30, in which case a physical copy of the Covid waiver would need to be signed to enter the church.) 

We can't wait to see you and sing for you! 

With autumn greetings, 

Dr. Evelyn DeGraf 
Artistic Director

And So I Go On
Music by Jake Runestad
Lyrics by Todd Boss
Soloists: Alex Ulyett, Kathleen Cantrell
Video Editing, Margaret Streeter
Tonmeister, Robert Anderson